Chlopskie Jadlo

pl. Konstytucji 1
tel.: (+4822) 339 15 15

We just tried the starters. After that we cancelled the main dish because of our full belly.
The atmosphere is pretty nice and the dishes lovely. You will find a lot of traditional Polish dishes here for a good price. It was a pity for us that we visited the restaurant as the owner had changed and the new one was still without an alcohol license…

You will find tham also in Kraków and Gdańsk. Check out the web page...

The idea behind Chłopskie Jadło is to get back to the good traditions of Polish country cuisine. Steadfast following of this idea has resulted in expansion into a chain of restaurants, with undeniable leading position in the industry, proven by numerous awards and distinctions and a growing number of customers. As a result, the name Chłopskie Jadło has become universally known, as confirmed every year by opinion polls.

Polen | Warsaw
Eingeordnet unter "Essen und Trinken"
geschrieben von tobias
am 20.05.2006

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