Isla Venado

The perfect place for eco-travellers is hidden in the Pacific Ocean behind a wall of mangroves. Island Venado is ideal for backpackers who enjoy learning about wildlife, nature and culture. This place is also for you, if you just want a unique getaway to relax.

Island Venado is situated in the (Costa Rican) Gulf of Nicoya. Very small (only 3.5 square km and 1100 inhabitants), it was like any other island in the area a hundred years ago. Today, however, it has become a tropical paradise that nobody who travels to this area should forget to stop by at. The place is famous for its beautiful dry forest reserve and has, over the years, become a developed community with micro businesses, health centers, a highschool and a culture and arts center.

Students, sociologists and tourists have been attracted to Venado. For the last four years, the National University of Costa Rica has participated in the organization and re-development of the island. Tourism projects are currently undertaken, and although there are no plans to build a large hotel, private cabins are available for rent and their popularity is starting to soar.

Costa Rica | Isla Venado
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